Photos From The Heart

Photography is much more than taking pictures of pretty people or pretty places. It is a tool to help us remember the touching moments in our lives. It is why we take photos of an amazing meal, selfies at a concert, and 10 million images of our kids eating cereal.


These special moments deserve more than a quick snapshot. They touch our hearts and change our lives.  We should use our hearts to communicate our feelings in vivid color and glorious detail!  Our memories will jump from the page!

I wrote Photos From the Heart to help you find meaningful moments and express them in photographs. Your photos will convey the peacefulness, the exuberance, the intricate details and the joy you feel.  These feelings will preserve your memories in clear detail, allowing you to relive them fully anytime you wish.  Follow these guidelines and make photography fun again!

This link will take you to a preview of the book, including the introduction and 2 chapters.


If you would like to get the full copy in PDF format, buy with this button.  I will email the file to you within 24 hours.

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If you would like to get a printed copy, use the button below.  A copy will be on its way within 24 hours!

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Share your heart and fall in love with photography!


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