Photo of the Week: Folly Beach at Dawn

Folly Beach at Dawn
Folly Beach at Dawn

Hoping not to wake anyone, I tiptoed out of the hotel room with my camera and a snack (but no coffee). The cool morning air made me shiver in my sweatshirt. Passing darkened surf shops and seafood restaurants I reached the oceanfront block of the island. The crashing waves echoed over the dunes as I approached the beach. A dark purple band of light appeared on the horizon, allowing me to navigate the posts and boulders that hold the beach together.

The groins and sea walls extend from Folly Beach into the ocean, dissipating the strong currents that erode and shift the coast line. As the purple sky gave way to maroon and orange I set my tripod next to a row of posts, focusing on their path into the sea. Large boulders at the end of the line seemed to provide a secure border until a large wave leapt over the side.

Retreating a few feet up the dunes I found this view.  Posts and boulders lead the eye into the frame towards the bright pastel sunrise. Using a slow shutter speed (5 seconds) I softened the effect of the waves to create a more serene view. The beautiful colors are subtly reflected on the water’s surface and illuminate the image from below.

The calm feel of this photograph captures the quiet solitude I felt on the beach before the world came to life. Well worth the effort (and the postponement of coffee), this trip gave me a chance for quiet reflection and a wonderful keepsake.

Do you like what you see?  Great! Share this with your friends and stay tuned next week for another photograph & story.  In the meantime, please visit my website for more images!


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