Photo of the Week: Sea Wall at Sunrise

Sea Wall Sunrise 2
Waves pound the sea wall as the sun rises. Photo was taken at Folly Beach, SC.

A great song came on the radio this morning.  From the rhythms to the lyrics, it captures my feelings perfectly for this time of year.  “The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley paints the perfect image of an empty beach town, where the summer memories are still fresh, even if the crowds have returned home for the fall.  Henley’s wistful thoughts are buoyed by the upbeat rhythm and message that his “love for you will still be strong after the boys of summer are gone”. 

Applying this lens to my Photo of the Week, I go back to Folly Beach, South Carolina.  The previous image “Folly Beach at Dawn” captured the calm, meditative period before the sunrise. It was a moment ripe for introspection and relaxation.  This week’s photo was taken footsteps away from the first, but it has a completely different feel.

“Sea Wall at Sunrise” frames the sunrise against the rugged outline of the sea wall. Using a faster shutter speed (1/6 second) I captured some of the wave action around the wall.  The rising sun paints warm colors on the horizon, which is reflected in the white water. This image is rather lively, reflecting the excitement brought on by the new day.   I can still hear the crashing waves and feel the tide’s pull on my ankles!

As summer draws to a close let’s turn our thoughts to the fun we had over the last few months. Soon the hot, humid days will give way to crisp fall breezes and busy schedules. The cities will hum with activity while the waves continue to pound the Folly Beach sea wall, waiting for us to return.

Do you like what you see?  Great! Share this with your friends and stay tuned next week for another photograph & story.  In the meantime, please visit my website for more images!


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