Photo of the Week: Old Red Barn & Flowers

Old Red Barn and Flowers

My personal calendar has exploded.  The school year has begun, along with soccer practice, scouting, Sunday school, birthday parties and football games.  I leave earlier for work because the traffic has returned with a vengeance.  Summer is definitely in the rear view mirror, growing smaller every second. 

The glut of fall activities is exciting and fun (except for the traffic).  I look forward to the buzz in my life after the long, hot summer has ran its course.  The crisp breeze brings fresh air and renews my energy.  I can spend longer hours outside even as the days get shorter.  The leaves will start changing soon, lifting my spirits even further as I start dreaming of road trips.

Most of my road trips end in a park or a garden, but the journey is often just as much fun.  I love driving through the countryside, looking at the farms, barns and old wooden houses.  Time feels slower here, measured in rust and weeds.  Vegetation works on the old buildings, first growing into the gaps and later pushing them apart.     

One such road trip took me through Unityville, Pennsylvania.  Rolling through the hills, the sights and smells of crops and pasture entered my windows.  Beautiful old houses popped up here and there, occupied only by the climbing vines.  Parking on a side street, I wandered between a few old houses and found the view I share in this week’s photo.

An old red barn anchors the sloping yard, its roof a blend of rusty hues. A matching shed or outhouse aligns with the far wall, providing a nice red corner for the eye to visit. Trees and overgrown hedges surround the barn, softening its edges.  A garden in the foreground has proliferated, with lilies and viburnum flowers growing over an abandoned fence. Watching for snakes and curious neighbors I poked around the garden enjoying the sweet scents of the flowers.  An hour drifted away without my realizing it, and it came as a big surprise that I didn’t mind one bit!

Do you like what you see?  Great!  Share this with your friends and stay tuned next week for another photograph & story.  In the meantime, please visit my website for more images!


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