Photo of the Week: Heart’s in the Forest

Heart's In The ForestThe arguing, debating and insult hurling reached a fever pitch last week.  Political candidates filled the airwaves and our street corners with this negativity for what feels like an eternity.  The election’s fireworks closed that chapter.  Half of the country, and perhaps half of the world, is fighting some anger, frustration, sadness and perhaps fear as our mainstream media analyzes the results.  I find myself avoiding social media and other news outlets, but it’s only a temporary relief.  It’s depressing.

Being the optimist that I try to be, I am here to help.  In a perfect world that would include lots of tacos and chocolate chip cookies.  Let’s close our eyes and imagine that for a moment.  Ahhh, that’s better, right?

For a more visual respite, I have just the photograph.  “Heart’s In the Forest” is an early valentine from my heart to yours.  Red Maple leaves have been collected and painstakingly arranged to form a large heart on the trail.  It is a gesture of love from one person to another, and also of two people to the forest.  And that makes me happy no matter what I hear on TV.

In full disclosure, I didn’t collect these leaves.  I didn’t make this heart.  I was hiking in the Pisgah National Forest minding my own business.  Rounding a bend I came upon this heart on the ground.  Nobody was around, just me and this heart of leaves.  I wondered about the inspiration of this heart – was it a marriage proposal?  An anniversary surprise?  A breeze blew through the branches above, but it revealed no clues to this story.  To this day I wonder why those leaves were collected and arranged so perfectly, and why they didn’t blow away before I came upon them.  Maybe it was meant for me all along!

And now I pass it along to you.  Think about the possible stories of finding a heart like this in the forest.  What could the inspiration be?  I’d love to hear your ideas!


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