Leaves Under the Maple Tree

Leaves Under The Maple Tree

A wonderful roasted coffee smell drifts through the house.  My warm mug radiates cozy warmth through my hands as I dodge art projects and open books.  A small spill stings my forearm and reminds me to take a sip.  Thanksgiving has arrived!  As the cooking begins I excuse myself for a morning run – a tradition I enjoy as much as the food.

The trail greets me with a soft crackle as my shoes scatter leaves that had fallen overnight. Water pushes its way down the creek, echoing trickling sounds through the still forest.  Bare branches let the blue sky radiate through the woods.  The holiday solitude is glorious, making my run even quieter than normal.  I run farther than I thought possible, pushing myself to revel in the peace and beauty a bit longer.

This week’s photo celebrates the final days of autumn.  “Leaves Under the Maple Tree” is a still life of maple leaves flashing their famous fall colors against the tree that nurtured them.  The tree is one of my favorites in my hometown of Reston.  Sited near Lake Anne it welcomes every fall with a fireworks display that doubles as the perfect reading spot.

While some see leaf piles as trash I see them as piles of memories.  Memories that began in April when the leaves sprouted from their branches in a bright green bloom.  Later these leaves protected me from the summer sun and caught raindrops over my tent.  Welcoming autumn with a dazzling display, the leaves twirled through the sky with every breeze.  To cap it off I joined the kids wading through the leaf piles and throwing them at each other.  Such a wonderful year they have provided!

Do you like what you see? Great! Read more on my website!  Share this with your friends and stay tuned next week for another photograph & story.  In the meantime, please visit my website to buy Leaves Under the Maple Tree at a 25% discount!!  No coupon code is required – discount is applied automatically until December 17th!


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