SnowburstAs the year draws to a close I go through a range of thoughts and emotions.  Flipping through my photo library I relive the moments and milestones of the year.  Birthdays, anniversaries, trips, games and family gatherings spread warmth through my heart and bring a smile to my face.  I think of my life at this time a year ago, and I grasp the full weight of the year – all of the experiences, memories and life that I have lived.  I think of those I met this year who I am now proud to call my friends. And of course, I think of my longtime friends that I had the pleasure of spending time with again.  It is a swirl of excitement and emotion ending the year with a bang!

The fireworks of the new year welcome new challenges and a host of new experiences. It’s an exciting time, with a blank slate waiting to be filled with new memories that I will look back on a year from now.  I wish you a very happy new year, with the same excitement and optimism.  In that spirit I select “Snowburst” as my photo of the week.

Fireworks are fun.  Pyrotechnic works of art, they saturate our senses with light, color and sound.  With every explosion the anticipation builds for the next one until the finale beats us senseless with a glorious riot.

What is it about fireworks that thrills us?  There is no story to follow, no lyrics to identify with. The show is about flashing color and loud noise.  And it works every time. We lay on blankets for up to 12 hours waiting for this experience, sharing it with friends and loved ones.  I believe that among other reasons (novelty, an excuse to party, etc.) the biggest draw to fireworks is their straightforward expression of joy.  Each blast reaches our heart without having to find the right words or the right images – it is a simple flash of colorful light that hits the mark.

Nature has powerful displays that elicit similar reactions.  Storm chasers risk their lives studying the phenomena of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, geysers and even pounding waves.  I choose to keep a much safer distance, but I find plenty of joy in the outdoors, such as a trail of lightning across the sky, or when flower buds burst open to welcome the spring.  “Snowburst” is one such example.

The snow falls fast and heavy, covering the neighborhood with a wet blanket.  Schools close and workers stay home to enjoy a free day with the family.  Walking the neighborhood I revel in the solitude and the muffled quiet of the snow.  I duck under a pine branch to clean my glasses, and see pine needles poking through balls of snow that had collected on the branches.  These green bursts were everywhere, layered within the canopy of the tree. Looking around the branches and using different apertures I had my very own fireworks display!

Do you like what you see? Great!  Share this with your friends and return next week for another photograph.  In the meantime, please visit my website to buy “Snowburst” at a 25% discount!!  No coupon code is required – discount is applied automatically until January 7th!



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