Bleeding Heart White

Bleeding Heart White 2

Groundhog Day has come and gone, informing us that we have another six weeks of winter.  Some may argue that winter has yet to begin, with all of the warm weather we have been having! Jokes aside, I think more and more about the spring garden as the days  lengthen and winter rolls on.  An appropriate plant for mid-February is the Bleeding Heart. Enjoy this weeks’s photograph!

The afternoon sun filters through the branches of the Virginia forest.  Oaks, Maples and Tulip Poplars tower overhead.  Dogwoods, Red Buds and Cherry trees fill the understory with their wispy boughs.  Tiny leaves emerge from their buds, coloring the landscape with a vibrant hue of green.  Birds sing cheerful notes to one another, filling the air with their sweet songs.  Spring has arrived.  

A small patch of soil lies under our window. Barely wide enough to stand in, this bed harbors an assortment of perennials and grasses that have been collected over the years.  A hydrangea that started in our first house.  Some ornamental grasses that were part of an experiment.  Caramel Heucheras with gorgeous leaves. Hostas that dare deer to venture onto our patio. A clematis vine that offers a single large flower every year.  And my favorite, a White Bleeding Heart.  

White Bleeding Heart is a plant that makes me feel happy every time I see it.  The branches flow from the plant in graceful arcs. Bright green leaves float above the stems in a network of overlapping fans.  Pure white, heart-shaped flowers dangle beneath the leaves like paper lanterns.  Softly illuminated by the late afternoon sun the plant is a smile magnet!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.  Please share this with your friends and return next week for another photographic journey!  In the meantime, please visit my website to see “Bleeding Heart White” and many other garden photographs!


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