Bouquet on a Branch

Bouquet on a Branch

A trip into Washington, DC is smooth and easy at 5:30 on a Saturday.  Traveling at the speed limit (a rare occurrence on I-66) I get there with some spare time.  I enjoy a blueberry muffin and sip my coffee while my favorite song winds down.

A brisk walk under the Interstate takes me to the Tidal Basin, where photographers are  staking claim to every square foot of the sidewalk.  I pick my way through the crowd, carefully stepping around tripods and over satchels.

Despite the overcast sky, sunrise brings excitement as the Cherry Blossoms come into view.  Pale flowers cover hundreds of trees overlooking the calm, dark waters of the Tidal Basin.

Sunrise also illuminates the throngs of tourists canvassing the flowering groves. Each tree seems to have a handful of people inspecting it from all angles, searching for a perfect view of the Washington Monument framed in white flowers.

Seeking a quieter walk I veer off the Tidal Basin into the thoughtful monuments of Martin Luther King and FDR.  It is here that I find a lovely Yoshino Cherry tree blooming between a stone bench and a brick wall.

Close inspection of the branches reveals clusters of flowers emerging from elongated buds to make miniature bouquets. I find a softly lit trio of blooms glowing against the dark wall beyond.  Their simple lines and delicate textures make a peaceful composition, enhanced by the rosy tones of the scene.  I find this image very restful, quite the opposite of the crushing crowds around the Tidal Basin!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.  Please share this with your friends and return next week for another photographic journey!  In the meantime, please visit my website to see “Bouquet on a Branch” and many other garden photographs!



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