Virginia Bluebells

The muddy ground cools my stomach as it dampens my shirt.

I muster a smile and compose additional images until my fingers tingle from the cold.

Moving to the next cluster of blooms, I warm my hands, take a deep breath, then lay down again.  Morning sun filters through the forest’s branches and softly illuminates the bell-shaped flowers.  Drops of dew glisten as the sun’s rays ignite them.

There is a lot of interesting detail in a Virginia Bluebell.  Arching stems hold clusters of buds that elongate into pink and blue cylinders.  Like origami, the far ends open into cups with scalloped edges and puffy folds.  Pollinators enter from beneath to find the nectar they seek.

These flowers are fascinating, but their short habit and shady habitat keep them fairly anonymous.  Dangling a mere foot off the ground, they are easy to miss!

Life is full of beauty and inspiration.  Society celebrates many beautiful things – music, fashion, sunny weather at the beach, brightly colored flowers and even nature photography!   Bright, bold and ubiquitous, they are widely accepted and provide a nice atmosphere for daily life.

These flowers remind me that the real treasures in life are a little off the beaten path, requiring special knowledge, accommodation or a happy accident to appreciate.  They are unique and often affect me in ways that I cannot explain.  I hold these gifts closer and share them only with my dearest friends.

All of life’s beauty has a place in my heart.  But I will work a bit harder to visit the people, things and places that give me a little spark.  Maybe crawling on my belly through cold mud isn’t really that crazy after all!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.  Please share this with your friends and comment below if you have a similarly subtle love in your life.  Please visit my website to see “Virginia Bluebells” and many other flower photographs!




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