Tulip in the Rain

Motherhood is beautiful.  And it is rightfully celebrated around the world.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the selfless sacrifices that women make to raise a child.  Beginning with an extreme physical change to her body, a mother provides a warm, safe place for her child to develop and begin life.  Her soft reassuring touch helps her baby grow and learn, often at the expense of sleep and her own needs.  Over the years Mom’s wisdom and teachings prepare the child for a successful adulthood.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is in May, when spring is in full swing.  I find this timing appropriate, as the flowers that are emerging perfectly embody the beauty of motherhood.  Perfume fills the air as flowers burst from tree buds and buried bulbs.  Bold colors replace the drab grey of winter, and the landscape comes to life.  This beauty and freshness is a direct hit when we compare it to the love we have for Mom.

But there is more.

None of this would be possible without the caring, nurturing hand of the gardener (or the squirrel) the previous year.  Without her weeding, mulching, cultivating, planting and watering these flowers are not fueling our smiles.  It is this overlooked effort that I appreciate the most.  The hard work is done without immediate reward, and often with a fair amount of discomfort.  But the imagination and dreams of the gardener make it so.

With that in mind, let’s visit “Tulip in the Rain“, this week’s photo.

Traffic slows on I-64 as the rain pours mercilessly from above.  My windshield wipers squeal as they attempt to create a workable view through the glass.  The afternoon sky looks like midnight as the storm rolls over the peninsula.

My tires spray the sidewalks as I splash through the city streets.  The deluge is harmless as everyone has taken cover inside.  Locating a parking stall I ready myself and my rain gear.  I love wandering the gardens while they are empty.

Raindrops make sweet music when they land on the garden.  Splashing in puddles and bouncing off foliage, the rain brings life and magic.  I lunge at the opportunity to experience it in the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Entering a third garden, the clouds loosen and the light changes.  Warm sunlight shines through the clear sky, reflecting off the glistening rain drops.  A red tulip rises to greet it, arching above the surrounding flowers still heavy with rain.  Drawn to this flower, I watch the water drops roll to the base and linger before dripping away.  More beautiful music!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.  Please share this with your friends and comment below if you have a similarly subtle love in your life.  Please visit my website to see “Tulip in the Rain” and many other flower photographs!


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