Mohawk Falls

21 Waterfalls in 7.2 miles.

My interest is piqued.  Is this real?  How can there be 21 Waterfalls in a day hike?

A web search reveals some legit – looking waterfalls.   I take the bait.

The car winds through the Pennsylvania mountains and out of cell phone service.  Ricketts Glen State Park welcomes me with a large lake and a lush campground.  I park the car, set up camp and put some brats on the fire.  Tomorrow’s hike will require energy.  I chase the brats with s’mores, rolling my eyes to the heavens.

With breakfast in hand, my car is the first one in the Lake Rose Trailhead parking lot.  A couple of deer look surprised that I’m not sleeping in on this cool morning.  Not a chance.   The water is calling.

The route is pretty straightforward, but I pack the map anyway (to help me remember the names of all of the waterfalls!).  The Falls Trail follows Ganoga Glen to Kitchen Creek then back up Glen Leigh to complete the circle.

The forest glistens with dew.  A gentle breeze floats through the air. Silence fills my ears.  Wait. What?  I stop and listen again, hearing only the rustling leaves.  I check the map.

I’m not disappointed, but I do wonder why I can’t hear 21 waterfalls thundering through the forest.  I’m beginning to suspect some Photoshop was used on those waterfall photographs I saw online.

Rounding a bend I descend into Ganoga Glen.  AMBUSH!

The trail is flanked by a wall of tumbling water.  Moisture and sound fill the air, jarring all thoughts from my mind.  I am entranced by the spectacle, a full 10 minutes passing before I think to move.

As my mind regains its footing I notice a fallen tree on the side of the trail.  I follow it to a large boulder at the base of the falls.  Perched on the boulder I contemplate this magnificent waterfall.  The dark stone wall is high and leans back at a slight angle, allowing the river to spill down its face.  An array of fractures divides the stream into bright white rapids.  Splashes fill my ears with a myriad of tones and rhythms.  Surrounding this dreamy place is a lush hardwood forest, trees hanging their branches over the stony pool.  A great place to linger!

On this fantastic day I encounter 20 additional waterfalls.  Each is unique, enchanting in its own way, but my mind always returns to Mohawk Falls.  The cozy setting provides a perfect theater for the crashing waters and echo their music.  These sounds surround me and seem to welcome my visit.  I already look forward to making a return trip!

Thank you for reading along and sharing this moment with me.  As summer heats up do take some time to seek out some great waterfalls and swimming holes.  I’d love to hear about your favorite places.  Please drop a comment below!

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