Slicing Through Stone

I hear the waterfall but I can’t see it.

Climbing over a jumble of moss-covered boulders the sound grows louder.  A flash of light catches my eye.  I carefully maneuver about the clearing to get a better look.  Balancing on a flat stone I lean to the left. There it is.

White Rock Falls is a liquid saw blade carving the mountain wall.  Following a series of narrow chutes it smoothly descends the gorge, echoing through the stones.

While it doesn’t offer the theatrics seen with most waterfalls, I find it quite beautiful.  By flowing inside the rocky walls, the falls give the stones center stage. Bright green mosses and organic geometry create a pleasing place to sit for a while.

Looking around this basin I get the sensation of being in a courtyard garden.  It is a protected area with a tree canopy above and a splashing fountain on the wall.  The soft lighting and murmuring sounds make it a great place to have lunch or read a book.

A gentle breeze whispers above.  Leaves flutter.  A few daring blades somersault through the cloudy sky.  Rain begins to fall, adding a rhythmic percussion to the afternoon.

Following Nature’s cue, I climb the steep trail out of the ravine.  I pick up the pace as the rain continues to fall.  Movement fills my vision as raindrops bounce off foliage and set the ferns nodding at my feet.  The trailhead is near.

I reach the car just as the sky opens completely, washing the mountain with a heavy downpour.  I settle in for a snack, close my eyes and listen to the raindrops as they pepper the car.  It creates a somewhat soothing sound, rising and lowering with the sheets of wind that blow across the mountain.

Thank you for reading along and sharing this moment with me.  Summer is in full swing, and hot afternoons are generating some awesome thunderstorms.  Enjoy the show, but do be careful out there!  As always, I’d love to hear about your favorite places.  Please drop a comment below!

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