Trail Food

Trail mix is awesome.

A simple mixture of nuts, fruits, sweets and crunchy cereals gives pleasure, energy and a great treat to enjoy at the top of a mountain.  It is portable and delicious.  Trail mix by itself can lure me outside.  It is without exaggeration a miracle in a zipper bag.

But this story continues beyond trail mix.

Good food enhances my outdoor experiences and plays a pivotal role in creating my fondest memories.  I can’t think of camping without a crackling campfire browning the perfect marshmallow (said marshmallows have been used to create at least 10 different s’mores combinations that make my mouth water as I type this post).  I can close my eyes anytime and recall the sound of bacon sizzling over a campfire – in fact I use it to meditate on occasion.

Foggy forest mornings are perfectly suited for roaming with a warm mug of percolated coffee, working up an appetite for scrambled eggs and peppers.  Dark nights are best spent around a fire cooking dinner and telling stories.  My girls enjoy eating vegetables grilled in tin foil with a little sausage, oil and pesto.

In addition to the above, food provides the fuel we need to be active.  On my camping trips I like to explore trails, climb waterfalls and push my body further than it normally goes.  I start at the trailhead with protein-packed wraps or sandwiches to charge my muscles.  I toss a bag of trail mix and a few power bars in my pack to keep hunger at bay until I get back to camp.  And after a long day hiking those grilled veggies help me recover to get after it again tomorrow!

As you might have guessed by now, I love food more than most people.  True story.  But even if I didn’t care much about what I ate, I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan meals and snacks for a trip outdoors.  Hunger can be dangerous.  It often precedes muscle fatigue, muscle soreness, slow reaction time and irritability.  Hunger ruins the fun.  So keep your muscles (and tummy) happy and pack an extra snack!

And now for the fun part.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas & recipes to try on my next adventure.  On my most recent trip I tried breakfast wraps (pictured) with peanut butter, apples, granola and a handful of dark chocolate chips.  Not only did they taste amazing but they kept me full for most of the morning.  I highly recommend them!

Please visit my Pinterest board where I have some cool ideas saved.  I want more ideas to fill this board and fuel my next trip.  Please send me some pins!  If you prefer you can email me a recipe, description or story instead.  I can’t wait to read them!

As always, thank you for reading along.  I hope you have a fantastic autumn!  Please drop a comment below if you are inspired!

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