Golden Light on Cabin Creek Trail

Quiet and peaceful.

The air is still, save a few gentle breezes that rustle the glowing leaves on their branches.  The afternoon sun finds its way into the forest to maintain a pleasant temperature.  My shoes quietly shuffle through the leaves scattered on the gently – sloping trail.

It is a perfect afternoon hike.

While lacking the payout of a booming waterfall or an expansive view, the Cabin Creek Trail offers a wonderful reward – pleasant surroundings.  It’s a perfect place to let my mind freely wander.  The sights and sounds are compelling if I choose to focus on them, but not too overwhelming if I want to tune them out for deeper thoughts.

Earlier in the day I hiked to Mount Rogers, encountering wild ponies and sweeping views along the way.  My muscles ached and my mind raced with the stunning scenery I had witnessed.  This hike is a great transition to the end of the day, offering a physical and mental cool-down.

Approaching a bend in the trail, a warm yellow glow catches my eye.  A group of maple trees spreading their branches in front of the sun has created a golden backdrop for the trail ahead.  The warm color of the setting sun turns the yellowing leaves into a shimmering masterpiece!

Hikes such as this one remind me of just how incredible leaves are.  They silently turn air and sunlight into energy.  They provide shade. They intercept rainwater to protect the soil from erosion.  They dazzle us with their beautiful fall colors. And they create topsoil when they fall and decompose.  Pretty awesome stuff.

Of course, it is OK to overlook these things and just enjoy the view.  I won’t judge!

Thank you for reading along. I hope you enjoy a peaceful holiday full of family, food and joy!  In the meantime, please visit my website!




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