Statons Creek Falls in Autumn

A large raindrop lands on the tip of my nose, waking me from my reverie.

I look overhead to see a kaleidoscope of leaves turning in every direction.  Branches sway back and forth as the wind picks up.  The next round of rain is here.

I shoulder my gear and bolt for the exit.  Smooth stones make the route tricky to navigate, but I pick a few that look reasonable.  Once the rain covers these stones  they will become treacherous.  As beautiful as this place is, I don’t want to get stuck here!

Walking along the street I hear the air above me grow restless.  Raindrops splatter the leaves behind me, making a sound like soft applause.  I pick up my pace. The sound grows louder.  I start to run.  Raindrops pound the ground just behind my heels.  My car is only feet away, but it feels like a mile!

I head straight for the driver’s door.  No time for the gear to go into the back seat – it has to go up front with me.  I slam the door closed as a wall of cold water washes over the car.  Fog immediately coats the windows.

I sip my coffee and take a deep breath.  What a great morning!

It began a few hours ago high in the Peaks of Otter campground. A thick, soupy fog made the Blue Ridge Parkway tricky to navigate.   Warming my heart (and my hands) with a strong cup of coffee I made it to my exit.

The fog thinned as I descended the mountain.  Full, rich colors glistened with moisture.  My directions led me to a small local road, where I would see Statons Creek Falls just off the road’s edge.  But I couldn’t see it!

I took another pass, moving carefully with the window down.  Finally hearing a rush of water I found a safe place to park.

My difficulty finding the waterfall became apparent when I approached it on foot.  While only 50 feet from the road’s edge, it sits 10-12 feet down.  I paced the roadside a few times until I found the right branches to grab and the right stones to step on.

I located a clear stone to relax on the water’s edge.  A thicket of Maple and Rhododendron shields the road and creates a semi-private space.  The creek enters through colorful foliage, spilling and plunging into several pools.  The soothing rhythms, fresh air and colorful surroundings make a perfect place to lose track of time.

Until the rain comes.

Thank you for reading along. I hope you enjoy a peaceful holiday full of family, food and joy!  In the meantime, please visit my website!


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