Patiently Perched

Happy New Year!  I hope that you had a holiday season full of warmth, love and friends!

Life feels a bit quieter now.  The holidays are fading into memory.  Last year’s accomplishments have been celebrated and hopefully rewarded in kind.  The New Year closed the book on 2017 and turned our attention to a fresh start in 2018.

There is a short transition at the beginning of a new year.  The routines of my normal life resume, but my mind takes a few days to adjust to it.  I consider the past year, as if I’m absorbing everything that happened.  I have a difficult time with goodbyes, and this might be a result of that.

Moving on to the new year, I flip through an empty calendar, I contemplate the 52 weeks of fresh challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  I recall some of the challenges I faced last year, and consider ways to improve or avoid them this year.  I remember the successes that I had, and think of ways to build upon them.

This process has evolved organically over time, through my assembly of a yearly photo album.  Until recently I didn’t realize the potential that this exercise had for pointing my new year in the right direction.  Using an analogy, it’s like spending time scanning the ground for the perfect “skipping rock”.  A few extra minutes finding the perfect one, and considering the perfect angle to throw it, leads to the satisfaction of a stone bouncing 20 times effortlessly across the water.

Returning to the present, I am looking forward to a fun, successful and happy 2018.  I wish the same for you.  Use this time in the manner that best suits your own mind and find that plan to get there.

The photograph I share with you this week fits this mindset perfectly.  The silhouette of a heron stands out against a foggy sunrise on Ringneck Marsh.

More than most exercises outside, watching a heron is thought-provoking and insightful, not to mention relaxing.  She is methodical, making quiet and purposeful movements.  She exudes a calmness and a smoothness that is riveting.  When she is ready, and not a moment before, she strikes quickly and successfully.

Looking at this photo, I see her quiet contemplation of the still waters around her, searching for opportunities.  Wise with her training and experience, she calmly positions herself for success.

With that, I wish you a happy and successful new year!  I welcome your comments below, and invite you to visit my website for more photographs!



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