Autumn at Little Stony Falls

Yellow leaves flutter about, circling the sky above.

I feel nothing against my skin, but the treetops shiver against a passing breeze.  A hundred feet above me another swirl of leaves is born.  An insect brushes past my open mouth, momentarily shaking me from my daydream.

I look around the broad stone bowl, soaking as much into my senses as possible.  The Little Stony River threads through an opening in the rock directly across from me, high above the basin.  Water pours over the ledge as if it was lemonade from a pitcher, creating a gentle but deep splash as it hits the open pool.

Hemlock and Birch trees sprout from the rocky shore.  Following their wispy outlines to the upper canopy, I spot the kaleidoscopic hues of Maple, Oak, Ash and Tulip Poplar.

The sun rises in the sky, warming the cool morning air.  I turn towards it, close my eyes and listen to the deep sounds of water echoing through the basin.  The sun and the sound upstage every thought in my mind.

Upper Little Stony Falls has a pleasant charm that deeply satisfies my soul.  The hike to reach it is not too demanding, coursing through the beautiful Jefferson National Forest.  The stone basin is clean, well-defined and surrounded by healthy trees.  And the water falls in a cheerful, inviting way.  The sum of these parts is very high indeed!

The end of January plays a similar role for me metaphorically.

I resume exercising and eating a relatively healthy diet.  I return to my working relationships with a fresh mind.  I enjoy a little more space in the house, which feels rather roomy with all of the decorations tucked away.  I even look at my routine in a more positive light!

There is a strange peace this time of year, and it feels just right.

2018 is a month old.  How do you feel?  Are you still burning with the excitement you felt as you watched the ball (or acorn) drop?  Are you finding a rhythm to your life? Are you ready for another vacation?

I invite you to take some time to reflect.  Grab a hot cup of tea.  Close your eyes and let the warm steam open your mind.  Enjoy a little peace today.  Spring will be here before we know it!

As always, thank you for reading along.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  And if you have a moment to spare, I’d appreciate your visit to my website!



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