Green Friday

Let’s zig when others zag.  Let’s turn Black Friday on its head.

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends, taking some much-needed time away from work and daily life.  There is a fridge full of food and a TV menu full of sports.  There are still a few colorful leaves on the trees (at least in North Carolina).  It’s perfectly set up for a mini-vacation.

Black Friday throws a giant wrench into that plan.  The lure of great deals and cheap goods gets the alarm ringing before sunrise.  Retail stores are crowded.  Good luck parking.  And that happy spirit built yesterday is put to the test.  Online sales are a good hedge, but that too can cause a good deal of stress.

Green Friday is here.

The forests are empty.  The parks are ours for the taking.  Let’s get out there and enjoy them in their glorious peace and quiet!

REI knows it.  They have a brilliant “Opt Outside” program, closing their stores on Black Friday to encourage folks to head for the outdoors. When I saw this last year, my respect grew.  They understand me.

There are a lot of ways to spend Green Friday.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Walk in the woods or a local park.
  2. Run.  Bundle up and run off Thanksgiving dinner (and make room for leftovers!)
  3. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the porch.
  4. Visit a neighbor and chat on their porch.
  5. Tackle a project in the yard (bonus points if you recruit all of that family you have in town!)
  6. Visit a museum – they will also be blissfully quiet!
  7. (After dark) Get gift ideas from the family – look at my website with them!

Enjoy the day!  Please comment below on the ways you spend the day – I love new ideas for getting outside or finding cool city places to visit!


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